A Passionate Defense of America’s Mission in the World

A Passionate Defense of America’s Mission in the World

Democracy: Stories from the Long Road to Freedom In this book, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice presents a passionate defense of the United States' global mission to foster, encourage and support democracy. Secretary Rice’s vision was very much shaped by her...

About This Blog

This blog was conceived as an ongoing conversation about entrepreneurship, international/Asia growth, inspiring woman leaders who are blazing trails in the business world, and the lessons learned while navigating the sometimes very challenging pathways to success.

My intention is to channel my passion for these topics into informative and empowering stories, which spotlight the journeys and accomplishments of thought leaders and role models around the world and in doing so, perhaps readers will glean some tips that might be helpful to them in their own career and entrepreneurial journeys. ​

Whether you are just beginning your career or itching to realize an age old dream, I hope this blog will provide you with useful insights on topics such as:
 How to define and remain true to your mission
 The importance of authenticity and core values
• How to weather the storms and the roller coaster ride of entrepreneurship
 How to attract and nurture talent, and build confidence within yourself and your co-workers
• The power of networking and career growth

My journey

My journey as an entrepreneur began with, an ecommerce beauty products company that I launched with Mariam Naficy, my co-founder and business partner, in 1998. quickly grew and became the leader in its category, earning a place on Fortune Magazine’s best e-commerce sites in 1999. After the sale of in early 2000, I applied the invaluable lessons I learned as an entrepreneur over the next decade at a few companies including I later moved to Southeast Asia to serve as CEO of Singtel Digital Media, where I had the opportunity to lead a talented team and together we launched, a Singapore’s leading lifestyle guide of restaurants, shopping and entertainment. I also had the unique experience of scaling the operations of LivingSocial, starting in Asia and ultimately the entire international business.

In 2013 I joined Airbnb, the rapidly growing global community travel platform that has totally transformed the way people experience travel. As Head of Global Operations, I had the opportunity to draw upon my background in e-commerce, startups and international markets to play a role in Airbnb’s global expansion.

Some of my most valuable insights have come from mentors or friends who have experienced similar challenges to myself, whether business issues or leadership challenges. My hope is that by sharing stories, either of great women role models whom I admire or know or my own stories, some of you may benefit in a similar way.

I hope you’ll find reading this blog useful and enjoyable!